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Fort Concho traces the American military experience from the end of the Civil War to the turn of the 20th century through various exhibits, displays, and artifacts. Comprised of 23 original and restored structures, the site’s tour buildings are presented with a mixture of original and replica furnishings, equipment and artillery. Six fort structures represent various building interiors from the 1870s and 1880s, while a modern Living History Stable houses wagons and space for equines.  Remaining buildings serve as housing for staff offices, rental space, and storage.

The site additionally offers a series of rotating exhibits that concern a wide range of themes and subjects.

I Once Was Here

In celebration of the founding of Fort Concho in December of 1867, the site’s Collections Department presents a special display of personal and military issued objects all with a provenance of use at Fort Concho. Each object has a varied history of ownership, but all come together to help tell the broader story of individuals who were once here

What’s Old is New

This special collections exhibit highlights new acquisitions to the Fort Concho Collections Department. Each of these diverse objects fits within a certain educational need and are essential to the mission of our museum. As additional donations are received, new objects are transitioned into this exhibit.

The E.H. Danner Museum of Telephony

The E.H. Danner Museum of Telephony pays tribute to the world of telephone communication. Housed in one of the site’s Officers’ Quarters, the collection of antique instruments, equipment, and devices chronicles the evolution of communication and highlights some of the industry’s local leading figures. From a Kellogg single-position manual magneto switchboard to Alexander Graham Bell's "Gallows Frame Phone,” the museum has the diverse range of artifacts. Originally housed at the old headquarters of GTE Central in San Angelo, the collection was relocated to Fort Concho in November of 1990.